Treasurer Test

Only 10% of corporate treasury professionals have a formal qualification that acknowledges their expertise. The treasury impact in organisations has increased over the years and keeps on developing. HR and hiring managers don’t have the in-depth treasury knowledge that is required to assess staff when making hiring or development decisions.

The Treasurer Test is an assessment that measures the technical knowledge in treasury and the personality profile of the candidate.

Technical Knowledge
The test score in the technical knowledge assessment is presented as an absolute, as well as being compared with the scores of a peer group with similar experience. The test gives insight in the treasury subjects in which the candidate distinguish, and reflect the points of interest.

Personality Profile
The result of the Big Five personality assessment is benchmarked against a general population and candidates who have taken the test. The test gives a better understanding of the natural inclination of the candidate towards particular personality traits.

The Treasurer Test candidate report is the perfect outcome for matching the right candidate for a treasury vacancy, training or team building.

The Treasurer Test is developed by a team of experts.

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