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| 16-11-2017 | Treasurer Development |

Both from student perspective as well as from educators we receive signals they want to invest in training and education. Some articles have been written about what is out there (read article 1 and article 2), nothing comprehensive as far as we can oversee. In order to help both parties make a proper match we think two surveys are in place. 

Survey – Treasury Training & Education

In this survey we want to focus on what is essential for potential students. What content, investment in time & money, with or without degree, etcetera? Do students need the education to do a proper treasury job, to improve their labour market position or do they have other reasons?

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Vragenlijst – “Post HBO Leergang Treasury Management” (in Dutch)

De Hogeschool Utrecht is bezig met de ontwikkeling van de Post HBO leergang Treasury Management en stelt een aantal vragen over de praktische opzet van het aanbod, zodat ze het toekomstige aanbod zoveel mogelijk op uw behoeften of die van uw collega kan toespitsen.

Vul de vragenlijst in

These questionnaires are a cooperation between treasuryXL, Hogeschool Utrecht, Vrije Universiteit and Treasurer Search. We appreciate your input and will post the results in December 2017.

Thank you for your input.

Due to the improved economy and other factors we notice a rising interest in the development of the treasurer as a person. Education, competence development and labour market changes are the most obvious topics this concerning. This is why we started the Treasurer Development initiative. 

Read more about the Treasurer Development Initiative

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