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The fourth quarter of 2017 has started, time to look back on the last three months.
Which topics are interesting and attract visitors?
These are the three most read articles of the third quarter of 2017.



1. Saving on FX deals often neglected but potentially a pot of gold

Written on 28-08-2017 by Patrick Kunz
Doing business internationally often means dealing with foreign currency (FX). This poses a risk as the exchange rate changes daily, basically every second. To mitigate this risk a company can hedge the position via FX deals (discussed in a previous article). But what are the costs of those deals to companies?

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2. PSD2 – update and new developments

Written on 17-08-2017 by François de Witte
Early 2017, I published a post about PSD2, a lot of opportunities, but also big challenges. Now half a year later, I would like to update you on some developments in this area. PSD2 still needs to be transposed in the national legal system of all the member countries, and according to my knowledge several countries, including Belgium, have not yet released the draft laws. This creates quite some uncertainty in the market, as there will be several country-specific specifications. Hence one can expect that Fintech’s and other TPPs might already have started their certification application in countries that already enacted PSD2 in their local legislation.

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3. Impact of Basel III on notional cash pooling

Written on 17-01-2017 by Arnoud Doornbos (A golden oldie!)
Since the start of the financial crisis a growing need for more bank independency with companies has arisen. Bank counterparty risk became an issue. A large cash management bank announced in 2015 to stop their transactional banking services for continental Europe. What will happen with current cash pools running with banks in the UK? Increased regulations (Basel III) may stop certain banking products.
All types of events where companies feel a growing need for more bank independency.

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