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21-04-2016 |

Welcome to treasuryXL, platform built by treasurers to serve treasurers. The roots of treasuryXL lie in the Dutch treasury community.



The shared opinion in this community is that:

  • Although treasury has its added value, there is still a lot of low hanging fruit to be harvested;
  • Unfamiliarity with the function hinders further success;
  • The necessary expertise is available but supply and demand are not able to reach each other.

treasuryXL would like to bring the function to a higher level, both for the inner circle: corporate treasurers, bankers & consultants, as well as others that might benefit: CFO’s, business owners, other people from the CFO Team and educators.

We will be a facilitator by offering professionals the chance to publish their expertise, their opinions, their success stories, distribute these and stimulate dialogue. We offer a labour market platform by creating an overview of job openings and treasury education. By tracking events we show how to stay up-to-date. treasuryXL does not create content or organize events, treasuryXL spreads information and acts as a broker.

Dozens of experts write articles on a continuous basis and the professional board of editors reviews them. Our community manager gathers, publishes and distributes.

We are proud of what we have created so far and look forward to cooperation and success. We appreciate your active input in further building our community.

For more information you can contact our community manager Annette Gillhart via +31 (0)6 21303744 or info@treasuryxl.com

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