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Vallstein is the leading provider of Bank Relationship Management (BRM) solutions with a simple mission: no more black box but instead provide the full transparency that enables development of long term sustainable banking relationships.

Founded in 2000, Vallstein has a multinational team of experts dedicated to developing and implementing cutting edge financial technology solutions to help corporations constantly improve their BRM.

Having calculated and analyzed thousands of Wallets over 18 years, Vallstein brings together a unique combination of big data, innovation, analytical capabilities and banking knowledge. This provides the best practice in the optimization of bank relationships.

Bank Relationship Management

BRM is nowadays an integral part of sound financial management, just like finance and liquidity planning.

The fundamental benefit of professional BRM is to reduce uncertainty and inefficiency. Independent and objective insight into the relevance of each bank relationship is essential to make informed, fact-based decisions on the selection of banks or other providers of financial services, and allocation of banking transactions volumes to individual banks.

Pro-active management of bank relationships mandates being a level player, understanding the core principles of the Basel Rules that drive bank behavior and being able to assess accurately the implications for each individual bank relationship.


No more black box. Transparency in terms of how much banking revenues a corporate client generates for the bank(s) and how profitable this revenue actually is for the bank. Welcome to WalletSizing® – the best practice in BRM.

Vallstein software solutions enable ongoing monitoring, reporting and reconciliation of banking costs, ensuring embedded pro-active control and compliance with a company‘s banking policies. The WalletSizing® system provides a complete data view and in-depth analysis on all banking relationships.

This insight is essential in order to be able to achieve constructive optimization of a banking landscape and establish a true win-win for you and your banks, in which the banks will benefit from relationships that are based on stable, transparent and strategic partnerships with a fair, but not excessive, return.

The depth and quality of a WalletSizing® approach is fundamentally more comprehensive than an analysis that is just based on assessing banking costs and fees and awarded transaction volumes only. Taking into account hidden revenues and associated capital requirements under the applicable Basel Rules, across all banking products and services used, and including relevant Wallet-benchmarks in the analysis is what truly differentiates WalletSizing® from more traditional treasury consulting or spreadsheet-based comparison of bank conditions.

Winner best BRM Solutions 2018 global

The judging panel declared Vallstein winner of the 2018 Best Bank Relationship Management Solutions Global Award.

For more information about the solutions Vallstein offers you can contact Salco Herschberg at or visit their website.


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