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“The cash management structure in a treasury organisation is critical while looking for synergy, cost savings, optimising the risk management function and the corporate finance function!”

Description: This training explains how a cash management organisation can be built and how a cash management structure can be managed effectively and efficiently.


The participant may expect that after having followed the training:

  • Has an understanding of different cash management structures with their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Has sufficient knowledge to set up or adapt a cash management structure that best fits in the organisation.
  • Can built and manage a cash management portfolio with the objective to create synergy and cost savings.
  • Can integrate inter-company finance, external finance and foreign exchange hedging from operations in the cash management portfolio with the objective to create synergy.


No prerequisites required. Background in finance is welcome.


Financial management, treasurers, cash managers, front- and back-officers, controllers, risk controllers, auditors, accountants

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